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Lis-t: Favorite Books of 2019

I read a lot this year! I thought I’d compile a list of books I would recommend to a friend this year. 

Top Three Overall: 


  1. Daring Greatly (any Brene Brown) – I listened to this on Audible and could re-read it so many times!
  2. Talking to Strangers (any Malcolm Gladwell) – I’m def a Malcolm Gladwell junkie. While I didn’t think it was his best work, I did learn a ton while listening to it! (I prefer his audiobooks as well).


  1. I Miss You When I Blink Loved this book of essays about transitioning to a new phase in life.
  2. Can’t Hurt Me I’m almost done with this Audible but am stretching it out! Honestly a life-changing story and so motivational.
  3. Maybe You Should Talk to Someone Another book I savored this year. An incredibly fresh perspective on therapy and self-acceptance
  4. Educated Including this because it definitely lived up to the hype


  1. An American Marriage This book should have received far more attention than it did. A truly captivating, relevant story.
  2. The Woman in The Window My favorite suspense/mystery novel of this year!


  1. The Proposal, The Wedding Date, The Wedding Party – Jasmine Gilloury is the perfect book to take on a weekend away. You can finish her books in 24 hours – they are light, easy and uplifting. I didn’t love Royal Holiday as much as the others so leaving it off the list.
  2. One Day in December Also a great weekend read that you don’t have to think too hard about.

2017-2018 Books Worth Including if you haven’t read yet

  1. Bad Blood My favorite non-fiction read of 2018!
  2. Where the Crawdads Sing What’s a book list without this novel because if you still haven’t read it what are you even doing
  3. Elenor Oliphant and The Rosie Project Narrators that are just so endearing and unique
  4. Little Fires Everywhere def read in advance of the new TV series coming out!
  5. Tiny, Beautiful Things I will never make a book list without this book because it is my favorite book of all time and of course I read it a 4985048309th time this year.

Books I wasn’t Into:

  1. Three Women
  2. City of Girls
  3. Unfuck Yourself
  4. There, There
  5. Before We Were Yours 
  6. I really tried to like all these books because they were very popular this year but just couldn’t get into them. I stopped all of them half-way through reading them because I wasn’t hooked. Thought I’d save your time oops.

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