Favorite high-protein foods

As I prepared for my wedding, I wanted to diet – hard. Here’s some of my favorite foods to eat while I was cutting weight. I was able to loose 12 pounds in about 3 weeks. I looked for foods that were high in protein, low in carbs, and low in fats. I know that those work well for MY body. I’ve tried to lose weight many ways, basically for most of my life, and these are some of the foods that work when I am trying to cut weight. Just to clarify, I do NOT try to diet for more than 1 month at a time, nor do I do it often.

I track my macros on My Fitness Pal. Personally my macros are 150P, 70F, 70C.

One Bars

My favorite protein bar, by far. I usually have half of one after dinner/before bed.

Lavash Roll Ups

These are clutch! Can also use as a flatbread 🙂

Light Cheddar Cheese

Wow! Low in fat and sustains the taste more than I thought

Liquid Stevia

Changed my coffee sweetener and I’m all about this!

Veggie Tots

These are my go-to snack. I try not to eat protein bars during the day and want to eat real food with veggies. They are SO filling and have veggies!

Right Rice

This new find is incredible! Higher in protein and made with veggies

Protein Shake

  • My recipe: 1 scoop protein, almond milk, ice, dark sweet cherries

Boom Chicka Pop

I love the sweet+salty popcorn and it curbs my sweet tooth!

Emergency Meals

  • When necessary, I’ve had success with Wendy’s and Panera salads!

An example day of eating for me is:

  1. 7am – coffee w half and half + stevia
  2. 9am – protein shake (no carbs only 1/4 cup fruit)
  3. 11am – small salad (just dressing+lettuce) or veggie tots
  4. 1pm – lavash wrap, deli meat, sauce
  5. 4pm – grilled veggies, grilled meat, 1/2 cup right rice
  6. 7pm – half protein bar

In addition, I try to walk/bike for 60 minutes a day, and workout/lift for 30.

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