About me

What does Grit + Grace mean to me?  

Tattooed on my forearm, it might be the first thing you notice on me, and that is intentional. So many people ask me what that represents and means to me, I thought I’d share how this simple phrase represents my lifestyle: 



I think Grace technically came first for me, because to me grace means the ability to be open and vulnerable. To be fearless despite your insecurities. So many moments of my life required that of me – joining Teach for America, starting CrossFit, starting Boxing, I had to be open to the possibility of failure and do it anyways. I had to know I could end up looking ridiculous and still put on those gloves and get in the ring regardless. 


Grace is acknowledging that what you are most afraid of is what will teach you the most. I was incredibly afraid of starting this blog for a long time – that it would make me look foolish, that I wasn’t ready to open up to others about some of the deeper moments of my life. But the confidence that I have gotten from facing all those other fears I mentioned is what brought me here today. When other strong women have shared their stories with me – shared their insecurities, their journeys – they have each taught me a little something about mine. They have made me feel less alone and find meaning for myself. Grace is saying YES. 



Grit is the strength to continue in the face of challenges and to have a system of internal discipline for when the motivation fades. I made a lot of changes in my lifestyle in my twenties – creating a healthy relationship with food, finding a fitness routine that worked for me, finding a sustainable work-life balance, starting my journey to being debt-free – just to name a few. At every turn there were temptations and pressures to veer too far in the wrong direction and give up on my goals. 


When all I wanted was to quit my first year of teaching, eat Taco Bell or to buy a Canada Goose Jacket, I had to have the self-discipline to say NO. Grit is just that, saying NO to the things that tempt you, to the relationships that no longer better you, to the habits and routines that do not align with the balance you want to have in your life. 



What are the things we say yes to? What do we say no to? Striking this balance is difficult, but I have found that I am happiest and healthiest when I feel at equilibrium between the two. I hope to help share my journey with this, and share that with you along the way! In 2018, I made some big changes! I worked really hard to change my mindset around spending habits to make dents in eliminating my college loans and saving for a house (boring, but a huge WIN for me personally). I’m continuing to seek this balance but will keep you updated on all the little choices that help me to find it.