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10 Under 30-Minute @ Home Workouts

I’ve finally gotten into a groove with doing at-home workouts. I tried several Instagram Live options and came to find out that working out with my own music, in under 30 minutes is incredibly satisfying.

The sweet spot: a 2 minute warm up, 24 minute workout, and 6 minute cash-out. My workouts are below. Sometimes I pare down to 24 rounds of 40 seconds each instead. Personally, I go through each exercise once and then immediately move to the next so every round is different, but I think doing 4-5 in a row of one movement before moving to the next would also be effective – whatever your style is!  I’ve done each of these workouts during quarantine and found them to be incredibly balanced and challenging. Enjoy!

Download At-Home Workout PDF

Optional Cash-In: TABATA 20/10 x 8 rounds: Push-Ups

Optional Cash-Outs: 50 Burpees OR 150 sit-ups OR 5 Minute Plank

Link to My Home Workout Equipment with Links to buy on Amazon +Tips Post

This is the App I love to use to track my time Use the TABATA option and adjust time to 30seconds of work/20 seconds of rest. I like it because it tells you when you are halfway, and beeps 3,2,1 for when the movement is over. Very encouraging!

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